Immutable Data Protection with Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS) and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

The headlines are all too common – ransomware attacks are happening more frequently than ever, and the damages are jaw-dropping. One study predicts that global ransomware damages will approach $265 Billion by 2031.

As ransomware threats continue to evolve and grow, CIOs and CISOs are making it a priority to mitigate these threats to avoid massive ransom payments, major data loss, or both. Cybersecurity threats are a substantial threat to business continuity, and there is no one proven method to preventing these attacks altogether. As such, NIST recommends a multilayered approach to protect organizations from these threats and ensuring recoverability when data is impacted.

To meet NIST standards, Hitachi Vantara has engineered a complete data protection solution that consists of many different layers of defense, including advanced identification and detection of threats, secure, immutable storage to protect against attackers, and native capabilities to respond and recover data quickly and easily. By combining the industry leading data protection capabilities of HDPS, powered by Commvault, with the massively scalable, industry leading object storage of HCP for Cloud Scale, organizations are ready for the threats of today and whatever might come tomorrow.

Download this solution brief to find out how you can protect and recover from ransomware with Hitachi Data Protection Suite and Hitachi Content Platform.

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